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Written by Mary Aframe

American Bresat Care Breast FormsIntroduces First Form, the ideal breast form for your leisure and recreational activities. It is a lightweight breast form that is made of highly innovative memory foam that molds and conforms to your body. It is ideal to wear during sport and recreation, sleeping or simply relaxing at home. It is made as a seamless molded cup, with a nylon finish, which is non-irritating and comfortable to wear.


Radiant Impressions Non Surgical ProsthesisThis Radiant Impressions prosthesis is made of silicone and is waterproof. The silicone foam core makes it light and cool to wear. It is extremely durable, so no need to worry about sharp objects or jumping pets. The custom prosthesis is made after casting a model of your chest wall for a snug fit. It includes 21 skin tones to choose from and is customized to imitate existing breast and nipple sizes and colors.

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Written by Mary Aframe

Trulife Breast FormCAMP Healthcare and Trulife products are sold by this company. Harmony Silk is the newest breast form designed with the shape of a women's real breast in mind. This form offers ample projection and combines lightweight properties with softness. Triangle, teardrop, and asymmetrical shapes are available to fit varying body and surgery types.

SoLight is a revolutionary lightweight silicone breast form designed for women who experience fatigue related to the weight of a silicone breast form. SoLight is approximately 25% lighter than comparable weighted silicone forms, providing a beautiful, natural appearance while maintaining the body's natural balance. The form's unique molded back allows air to circulate and gives the wearer an appreciably cooler fit for all-day comfort.

Radiant Impressions is another realistic line of prosthesis that is life-like and lightweight. The core was designed to be the same weight and mass as a normal breast and comes complete with a realistic looking nipple and areola. The Custom Breast Prosthesis is hand sculpted by talented artists to match every intimate detail of your remaining breast. The form can be used with or without adhesive and with or without a bra. It can be worn with a bathing suit or even a formal strapless gown. A few minutes after putting it on, the wearer barely notices it.
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Written by Mary Aframe

381_Contact2S_Comfort_plusAmoena products allow you to pursue the lifestyle you choose with confidence, security, and comfort. All forms have a unique silicone mixture that gives a look and feel that's soft and natural. Luxa Contact self-adheres simply and directly to your body. PREMA® is the first two-layer lightweight breast form that shapes to you. Amoena also offers a line of partial breast forms called Balancia.


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